Training Plan Option 1


Month 1 – £180

Then 5 monthly payments at £90pm, paid via standing order

(note – all subsequent months are then paid at £90)

Alternatively pay the 5 months up front as a one off at £400

Basic race preparation, nutritional advice, help with goal setting where relevant, and access to general advice on various aspects of all round performance.

  • Initial consultation, over the phone or in person, to establish your goals, training time, training history etc.
  • New plan written monthly, to fit in with overall periodized target.
  • Monthly formal review, 30-60 mins either in person or over the phone to discuss progress and look forward to the coming month’s training plan.
  • If using a powermeter, files will be analysed and used to form part of the monthly review discussion. Training plans will be based on power.
  • Reasonable contact via email/phone in between monthly reviews in order to make necessary changes and give greater flexibility to the plan.


During the first month we will review and tweak things as much or as little as needed – contact will be frequent as you may well have many questions/queries etc. At the end of this first month you can then decide which plan to move on to, 1 or 2. You could of course decide not to continue, although i’d certainly hope that isn’t the case! Doing things this way means there’s no initial commitment to a 6 month training plan up front.